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Blue Ice

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Blue Ice are a climbing gear manufacturer based in the Chamonix Valley in France. Since 2008 they have been developing minimalist products for devoted climbers who believe in the spirit of the mountains. We stock a wide range of Blue Ice climbing gear, ranging from ice axes to rucksacks. Check out our collection below... 
Blue Ice Addax Harness £77.95 £91.95
Blue Ice Bluebird £91.95 £107.95
Blue Ice Boa Leash £16.95 £18.95
Blue Ice Choucas Harness £43.95 £49.95
Blue Ice Squirrel 22L £37.95 £58.95
Blue Ice Squirrel 32L £53.95 £83.95
Blue Ice Warthog 30L £95.95 £103.95
Blue Ice Warthog 45L £124.95 £132.95
Blue Ice White Tiger 25L £37.95 £74.95
Blue Ice White Tiger 35L £62.95 £124.95
Blue Ice Yeti 50L £100.95 £112.95