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CAMP is a leading outdoor gear brand that began manufacturing in 1889 in Italy. They make technical gear for climbers, alpinists, ski mountaineers, mountain runners, mountain enthusiasts and professional workers at height around the world. We stock a wide range of CAMP climbing gear and snow shovels for men, women and kids. Check out our collection below... 

Camp Armour £37.95 £53.95
Camp Ball Nuts £38.95 £45.95
Camp Corner Pitons £7.95 £8.95
Camp HMS Lock Screwgate £5.95 £10.95
Camp Knifeblade Pitons £9.95 £10.95
Camp Lost Arrow Pitons £12.95 £15.95
Camp Matik £74.95 £83.95
Camp Neve £45.95 £52.95
Camp Rockstar from £23.95 £33.95
Camp Tricams from £14.95 £24.95
Camp Turbo Chest £46.95 £58.95
Camp Turbo Foot £46.95 £58.95