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Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes are specialised footwear that have been designed for climbing. They look a little bit funny compared to normal boots, but they help you stand on small holds and give you increased grip on the rock or holds you are climbing on. They generally have a close fit and a sticky smooth rubber sole which has been developed especially for climbing.

Climbing shoes come in many forms, and most brands have produced them to suit certain disciplines or levels. A flatter, slightly more padded model might be better suited to beginners that need more comfort as their feet adapt to the sport, those looking for an all day wearing shoe for longer multi-pitch routes, or those wanting a fit suited to low grade traditional climbing. A more downturned, technical and aggressive model might be more suited to those climbers that are pushing their limits on harder, steeper sports routes, or the indoor boulderer that enjoys hanging upside down! It's important that you are happy with your choice, as they are an important piece of your equipment. 

We stock a wide range of climbing shoes from leading brands such as Scarpa, La Sportiva and Five Ten, that can be used both indoors and outdoors, suited to both bouldering, sport and traditional climbing. We have great value for money lines, ideal for entry level beginners, and a high end performance range for those pushing their grade. Plus everything in between! If you need any help choosing the right gear for you, please call our team.

For our vegan customers we have a vegan-friendly climbing shoe collection for easier purchasing of Vegan Climbing Shoes 

Take a look at our collection below, read the Rock + Run articles 'Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide', 'Rock Climbing Shoe Buyers Guide' and 'Rock Climbing Basics' for more info, and don't forget to check out our latest deals page too for money saving offers on outdoor gear...

Boreal Alpha VC £52.95 £58.95
Boreal Diabolo VC £73.95 £83.95
Boreal Joker Lace £59.95 £66.95
Boreal Joker Lace Womens £59.95 £66.95
Boreal Joker Plus £67.95 £74.95
Boreal Ninja £73.95 £83.95
Boreal Ninja Junior £29.95 £33.95
Boreal Satori £89.95 £99.95
Boreal Silex Lace £62.95 £70.95
Boreal Silex Velcro £62.95 £70.95
Evolv Agro £102.95 £116.95
Evolv Elektra Womens £59.95 £66.95
Evolv Kira £74.95 £83.95
Evolv Kronos £74.95 £83.95
Evolv Oracle £107.95 £120.95
Evolv Shakra £91.95 £103.95
Evolv Shaman £95.95 £107.95
Evolv X1 £85.95 £95.95
Five Ten Aleon £90.95 £116.95
Five Ten Anasazi LV £81.95 £95.95
Five Ten Anasazi LV Pro £93.95 £103.95
Five Ten Anasazi Pro £91.95 £107.95
Five Ten Anasazi VCS £83.95 £98.95