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DMM climbing company logoDMM is a British climbing gear designer and manufacturer, based in Llanberis, North Wales UK. They are arguably the world's leading brand in metallic climbing hardware.  We stock a wide range of DMM climbing gear, check out our collection below, watch a cool vid on the 2016 Dragon Cam design, and read more about DMM the brand here.
DMM Aero Screwgate £6.95 £8.95
DMM Alpha Trad £8.95 £9.95
DMM Apex £141.95 £182.95
DMM Beetle £11.95 £12.95
DMM Belay Master 2 £12.95 £14.95
DMM Boa Locksafe HMS £16.95 £18.95
DMM Boa Screwgate HMS £9.95 £13.95
DMM Ceros Screwgate £12.95 £14.95
DMM Chimera £7.95 £9.95