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Grivel are an Italian mountaineering and climbing equipment manufacturer. Founded in 1818, all of their gear comes out of their HQ based at the foot of Mont Blanc in Italy, and they are renowned for their innovative crampon designs. We stock a wide range of Grivel climbing gear and have an extensive winter climbing product range too. Check out our full collection below...
Grivel A&D £37.95 £41.95
Grivel Adze Vario £19.95 £21.95
Grivel Air Tech Evo £104.95 £116.95
Grivel Alpine Vario £28.95 £31.95
Grivel Crampon Crown £6.95 £7.95
Grivel Dark Machine X £246.95 £290.95
Grivel Duetto £88.95 £103.95