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Insoles are pieces of material that you place in your footwear to create support, increase comfort and reduce pain.

Based on the principles of podiatric medicine, Superfeet Insoles have been shaped, designed and manufactured to set the standard for foot support, and have earned over 40 U.S. and International patents along the way. The distinct Superfeet insole shape helps to stabilise the foot, whilst the deep, structured heel cup and full-length foam provide comfort and support, allowing you to do what you love the most for longer.

Superfeet Insoles help adapt the flat 2-dimensional midsoles of your original footwear to your 3-dimensional foot, and our selection of insoles can be cut down to suit whatever size your feet are. Check out our collection below and watch this video to help you size your insoles correctly...

Superfeet BLUE £23.95 £29.95
Superfeet Carbon from £23.95 £33.95
Superfeet GREEN £23.95 £29.95
Superfeet REDhot from £26.95 £37.95