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Climbing Micro Nuts

Climbing micro nuts are very small thin wedges of metal that are slotted into constrictions in smaller cracks, to provide protection when traditional climbing outdoors. Micro nuts are classed by climbers as passive protection as they have no moving parts. They are an important piece of safety gear when climbing traditionally outdoors, they can help you place protection where larger protection won't fit!

There are various types of micro nuts available in many different brands, colours, shapes and sizes. We have great value for money sets as well as individual wires, not to mention our selection of micro offsets too. If you need any help in choosing the right protection for your climbing and safety, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help. 

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DMM HB Brass Offsets from £10.95 £13.95
DMM IMP Brass Nuts £11.95 £13.95
DMM Micro Wallnuts £7.95 £8.95
DMM Peenut Set 1-5 £35.95 £39.95
DMM Peenuts £7.95 £8.95