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Petzl Company LogoPetzl's story began in France in the 1930's, by caver and outdoor enthusiast Fernand Petzl. The company however was founded much later in 1975, though since then it has grown into an international enterprise, creating and developing a vast amount of head lights and technical gear for sport climbing, and professional safety and rescue equipment for those working at height. We stock many of their product lines, our range of Petzl climbing gear is particularly extensive. Check out our collection below and watch a cool vid of the 2012 RocTrip here: Petzl RocTrip Argentina 2012
Petzl ACCU Core Battery £18.95 £21.95
Petzl Actik £29.95 £35.95
Petzl Actik Core £38.95 £45.95
Petzl Adjama Harness £53.95 £66.95
Petzl Altitude Harness £53.95 £66.95
Petzl Am'D Ball-Lock £13.95 £16.95
Petzl Am'D Screw-Lock £11.95 £13.95
Petzl ANGE L £8.95 £10.95
Petzl ANGE S £9.95 £10.95
Petzl Aquila Harness £66.95 £83.95
Petzl Arial DRY 9.5mm 60m £116.95 £145.95
Petzl Arial DRY 9.5mm 70m £132.95 £166.95
Petzl Arial DRY 9.5mm 80m £146.95 £182.95
Petzl Ascension £38.95 £42.95
Petzl Basic £33.95 £39.95
Petzl Bindi £35.95 £44.95
Petzl Borea £38.95 £45.95
Petzl Boreo £38.95 £45.95