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Black Diamond Deploy 3 Shovel


The Black Diamond Deploy 3 Shovel is a compact and durable rapid-deployment snow shovel that is ideal for daily use in the backcountry. 

Featuring a trapezoidal shaft that locks into place with a quick pull, the Black Diamond Deploy 3 ensures that you are not wasting time putting things together when you need to be digging. When it's time to stash the shovel in your pack, the curved handle slides down and hugs the contours of the blade to take up minimal space.


  • Curved, trapezoidal shaft nest in the anodised blade of the shovel
  • Engages in a a fraction of the second Hybrid D/T handle


  • Compact Length (cm): 43cm
  • Length (cm): 63cm
  • Manufacturer: Black Diamond
  • Material: Alloy
  • Blade Volume: 1.14 L (0.3 gal)
  • Weight: 565g