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Camp Matik


The Camp Matik is a top-of-the-line assisted braking belay device, with a smooth action and an anti-panic lowering mechanism.

Built and designed to have a slight amount of slippage as the cam rotates into place on a leader fall, the Camp Matik reduces the impact force so that there is less wear on the rope and less force on the climbers and anchors, resulting in a softer catch. The Anti-Panic system causes the cam to automatically re-engage, helping prevent the loss of control when lowering. The brake lever automatically disengages if it is opened too quickly, or the cam will engage if the lever is kept too far open and the speed of the descent becomes unmanageable.

These features make the Matik perfect for use when sport climbing on single climbing ropes and is ideal for 8.6mm-9.6mm ropes. It can cope adequately though with a rope up to 10.2mm thick.


  • Guide Mode: No
  • Lock Mechanism: Autolocking
  • Number of Ropes: One
  • Carabiner Included: No
  • Handles ropes from 8.6 to 10.2mm
  • Weight: 276g