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DMM Cirque

Length - Ice Axes

The DMM Cirque is a classic and robust ice axe for winter walking and mountaineering, designed with a well balanced feel and a reasonable price point.

Revised and better looking, the ever popular DMM Cirque is fully T rated and durable for harsh winter use. The shaft has a slight curve but can be easily plunged into soft snow, and when combined with the curved pick the axe performs excellently in self arrest. With holes large enough at either end for carabiners you have a choice on where the leashes may be fitted, and they also enable the Cirque to be used when constructing a belay. The spike on the handle provides grip and stability on snow and ice slopes and a full size adze makes step cutting and ledge chopping easy. The Cirque comes equipped with DMM's Standard leash in case you accidentally drop the axe.

Please note: The pick/head is not modular and cannot be changed on this axe.


  • Durable inset rubberised handle
  • Hot forged ergonomic handle


  • Country of manufacture: GB
  • Leash Included: Yes
  • Pick Rating: CEN-T certified
  • Shaft Rating: CEN-T certified
  • Material: Aluminium & Chromoly steel
  • Weight: 50cm - 565g | 55cm - 583g | 60cm - 604g | 65cm - 626g (without leash)