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DMM Freedom Leash with Phantoms


The DMM Freedom leash is a simple and lightweight sprung leash system that prevents you dropping your expensive ice tools whilst ‘leashless’ climbing. 

Each end of the ice axe leash is equipped with a full strength Phantom carabiner (red and green for port and starboard). Some users may wish to use tape or strong elastic bands (AKA snoopy loops) to stop the carabiners rotating. The central point of the leash is best off larks-footed to the belay loop of your harness, or chest harness, although a screwgate carabiner could also be used.

Clip in points halfway up the leashes supposedly allow you to clip in a sling to climb back up to your axes should you fall off (if the leash holds then your axes will be out of reach). This is definitely not to be recommended! A possibly more practical use is to be able to clip in short and take a sly rest on your axes mid-pitch.

Leash Specification

  • Weight: 94g (with krabs)
  • Maximum load: 2kN

Carabiner Specifics


  • Length: 8.9cm
  • Width (widest point): 5.1cm
  • Width (narrowest point): 3.5cm


  • Gate Open: 9kN
  • Gate Closed: 24kN
  • Minor Axis: 7kN
  • Gate Clearance: 21mm
  • Weight: 26g